Region History

The Foothill Region of the Vintage Chevrolet Club of America was formed in 1977 with 18 members. Ray Waldbum served as the Region’s first director. The region thrived over the years and continued to grow. At its peak, membership in 1990 hit a high of 111 members.

Over the years, the activities of the region have included picnics, car shows, hosting of multiple All Cal Meets (the VCCA’s California statewide meet), attending All Cal Meets as a group, hosting swap meets, holiday parties and scores of tours to local points of interests and so many other events.

From the very beginning, the Foothill Region members wanted to create and maintain a family-friendly club that welcomed members’ families to participate in the club’s activities. As a result, siblings, parents and children each have held memberships in the region with many multi-generational family memberships.

We have members that have remained with the club for over 40 years. The friendships that have been created and endured over the years through participation in the club is central to what makes the Foothill Region such a wonderful car club. As one of Southern California’s oldest VCCA regions (and car club of any marque) the Foothill Region continues to remain vibrant and active. Today, we have 25-member families continuing in the fun. If you would like to join us, we are always welcoming of anyone interested in Chevrolets!